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I just need to close my eyes and focus a bit…I feel everything, I see anything.

Images are moving quickly inside my mind, it’s like being inside a movie. The focus of the camera represents the main character’s point of view in a movie, nothing more than my point of view.

The camera is moving fast, running among people, dodging them; sometimes it stops, focusing and starting again.

Every time I close my eyes or I feel a specific smell, this movie is going on in my mind. I can watch it also when, in the afternoon, faint and spring rays of sunshine brighten the desk in my bedroom.

One year, three months.

It’s quite impossible to forget the emotional load produced during those three months. Because each Erasmus experience, whether it lasts 6 or 12 months, for studying or as a traineeship experience, like in my case, definitely teaches you to live, to enjoy all the moments you experienced and it teaches you to disfrutar.

Disfrutar, a well known Spanish verb to say “ Enjoy your life! Have fun! Take pleasure in everything you do! In a single word,  live!

Because you know exactly that those moments that you shared with some people and in some places, will never happen again. Therefore, you understand that you can’t waste time, and that you have to start to enjoy every single moment that you are living.

7 March 2018, graduation day. Party, friends, relatives.

10 March 2018, Pisa airport, towards Madrid.

Atocha Station.  While I’m waiting for the train to Córdoba, I try to contact some people to find a house to rent and I desperately look for a plug to charge my phone.

Córdoba Center Train Station. Two suitcases and a bag pack. The taxi driver starts to sing Tiziano Ferro songs.

Plaza de la Corredera. I get into the Bed&Breakfast.

The most incredible thing is that I can remember all the details of my experience and I could even write a book. Or perhaps I could challenge the great Joyce and transform these memories into my greatest “ Ulysses”.

The camera is back in action: “Fernando Colón” Street, my neighbor’s cat keeps staring at me hiding in the flowers of the balcony. “Tornillo” Street, some children have just got out of school; all of them are wearing the same blue socks and shorts. “ Agustín Moreno” Street, the boy who sells candies is always out of the shop at the same hour. “Agustín Moreno 37″, I can still remember the “café con leche” that I had in a bar before entering for the first time into the office where I did my internship.

May 7th: “croquetas de patatas” and “salmorejo de almendras”. At  Jazz Cafe: ” Dos Cuba Libre, por favor”. Tears come out by emotion.

May 12th: Seville, “ Spain Square”. My lifelong dream finally comes true.

May 24th: “ Feria de Córdoba”. “Rebujito”, “Flamenco”, “Sevillanas”.

March-May 2018. An explosion of life.

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