Taking part in the “Tell us your Erasmus story”  is very easy: just send to leclettico2018@gmail.com your Erasmus story in a PDF or Word format (of not more than around two pages) with some information about yourself (age, university affiliation…).

You can also send to us a video in which you tell your Erasmus story (of not more than around two-three minutes). 

You can talk about what you want: how the Erasmus change your life, social questions about the city in which you lived…just don’t tell us only about parties.

Your story will remain yours. If one day you choose to remove it you can send an e-mail to leclettico2018@gmail.com.

Involve your friends in the “Erasmus story”: we publish in Italian, English, French and Spanish. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s join us!  😉