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Becoming an European, my Erasmus in Granada

About two years (three now that I am writing this version in English) ago my experience in Granada would come to an end. Turning back the clock of time and memories without being left longing is practically impossible. I tried […]

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Malaga: my ‘Space Mountain’ Erasmus

Space Mountain is a famous rollercoaster attraction in Disney theme parks. The term Space Mountain was also popular with former wrestler Ric Flair, using it as a catchphrase to brag about his bedroom performances with women (I am referring to […]

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Racontez-nous votre Erasmus

Participer c’est très simple: il suffit d’envoyer à un texte de deux pages et demi maximum pour nous raconter votre expérience et nous dire en quelques mots qui vous êtes (âge, université d’origine, type et ville d’Erasmus …). Vous […]

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Tell us your Erasmus story

Taking part in the “Tell us your Erasmus story”  is very easy: just send to your Erasmus story in a PDF or Word format (of not more than around two pages) with some information about yourself (age, university affiliation…). You can also send to […]

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Erasmus: Revival

 Foto di: Giada Da Boit Erasmus is simply what you live for 6 or 10 months out of your home. At that moment you do things that most people, in your same situation, do: it is an extrasensory experience that […]

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